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ONE firm unites
two great companies under one roof

About Us

AdvancedONE Legal is the new benchmark for the modern court reporting agency.

AdvancedONE is comprised of two previously standalone firms – Advanced Depositions and HG Litigation – each with nearly 40 years of thriving operations in the legal services industry. By combining a progressive, high-tech approach with mastery of complex litigation and the talented teams from both firms, we have built one unparalleled source for quality deposition services.

AdvancedONE: depositions 2.0

AdvancedONE Depositions

Drawing upon nearly four decades in court reporting, videography, and legal technology, AdvancedONE has thoughtfully refined its craft for today’s environment. Our methodology is marked by superior case management, technical prowess, and strong partnerships with the greatest talents.

This uncommon approach enables our teams to deliver the highest quality, as standard.

Great people breaking the mold in court reporting

Galvanized by their extensive backgrounds in this industry, our leadership team forged a new ethos in which impeccable service meets technical expertise.

We have attracted the most talented client service and technology professionals to ensure that our clients have a 5-star experience every time.

Likewise, our teams nurture long-term relationships with the most esteemed court reporters and videographers in the industry to ensure a high-quality record every time.

And, our seasoned technology experts help our clients utilize proven technologies for attending depositions remotely, accessing live and recorded testimony, and administering accounts from their mobile devices.  

AdvancedONE deposition services

Only one firm delivers advanced depositions with five-star service. AdvancedONE Legal.