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ONE firm puts your case files right at your fingertips

Cloud Repository

Bankers’ boxes and manila folders are history. Flash drives and DVDs are dated. Modern file storage and file sharing happens in the cloud.

As a companion to the PDFs and E-Transcript™ we securely deliver online, AdvancedONE offers clients a dedicated, centralized and neutral Cloud Repository from which to retrieve exhibit documents, video, translations, and related files from anywhere in the world. Our repositories are subject to rigorous cyber security protocols and privacy regulations including HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

AdvancedONE organizes and categorizes the files based on your index.

All parties are noticed when new materials have been posted.

Users can log in to the Cloud Repository from any connected device with a web browser.

The optional mobile app enables users to view the collection on their smartphones.

Authorized users can share the stored exhibits with Remote Deposition participants.

Folder security and file permissions ensure your materials remain in the right hands.

Optional audit reports log file-access and user activity within the Repository.

Key files can be shared with end-clients via secure links to individual files.

Files in the Cloud Repository can be transferred to your in-house case management software.

Solutions with best-of-breed technology at the core

The AdvancedONE Cloud Repository is built upon the cloud-native, document management platform, Box®, which is known for its robust security, support for 120+ file formats, and compliance with HIPAA, SOX, FINRA, and other regulations.