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ONE firm masters the twists and turns of complex cases

Large & Complex Litigation

Complex litigation gets complicated, to say the least. Cases involve more parties, more jurisdictions, more depositions, more documents, more terminology, and more sensitivities. These added pressures warrant more experience from your court reporting provider.

At AdvancedONE, our seasoned case managers have several years of hands-on experience supporting law firms during complex litigation, and our elite crew of specialty stenographers have, collectively, reported over 1 million depositions.

Toxic Tort

Asbestos, Benzene, pesticides and other toxic tort cases...

Toxic Torts

Asbestos, Benzene, pesticides and other toxic tort cases often require special conference rooms to accommodate more parties in attendance. Accelerated timelines and HD videography may be necessary to depose the people affected by the substance.

Construction Defect

These cases usually involve several subcontractors and...

Construction Defect

These cases usually involve several subcontractors and vast quantities of documents such as contracts, building codes, blueprints, soil surveys, inspection reports and other materials that are securely stored in our Document Depository.

Intellectual Property

Whether or not it is a “bet the company” case, IP cases are...

Intellectual Property

Whether or not it is a “bet the company” case, IP cases are highly sensitive matters involving trade secrets and high stakes. With parties often located in different jurisdictions, Remote Attendance and Realtime Transcripts are popular.

Pharmaceutical Cases

Our court reporters maintain extended dictionaries on...


Our court reporters maintain extended dictionaries on relevant terminology related to the scientific and medical aspects of these cases. Our video conferencing services help to minimize the costs for deposing treating-physicians and experts.

Drawing upon decades of experience coordinating multi-party and multi-district litigation with quality service and technical excellence, AdvancedONE is uniquely qualified to help you stay organized through every twist and turn of any type of complex case.

Every case brings
unique challenges.

While complex cases share many of the same complications, the logistics for Toxic Torts are significantly different than those for Construction Defect cases. Likewise, while IP and Pharmaceutical litigation often involve specialized terminology and trade secrets, AdvancedONE is poised to anticipate and handle the unique deposition requirements for each.

Why choose AdvancedONE for complex litigation?

Dedicated Case Manager

Your dedicated case manager will ensure that every detail of your case will be handled seamlessly – enabling you to focus on the case and your client.

Responsive and Flexible

Your AdvancedONE case manager can be reached 24/7 via email, text or phone to address changes to schedules or arrangements. Our reliable and timely communications keep the entire team informed.

Certified Court Reporter

Our court reporters are experts in complex litigation and they maintain dictionaries with specialized terminology.

Billing Options

AdvancedONE offers various customized billing options, including split billing of originals

Conference Rooms

AdvancedONE arranges complimentary conference rooms nationwide for our complex litigation clients.

Value-Added Services

Complex cases often warrant sophisticated deposition upgrades such as Remote Attendance, Realtime Transcripts, Document Depository, and Videography.