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ONE firm reduces litigation spend for corporate legal

Corporate Legal Efficiency

Your corporate litigation budget may not be growing at the same pace as your case load. That’s why AdvancedONE established a modern Corporate Partner Program to help corporations streamline costly aspects of the discovery phase and derive efficiencies during depositions.

As a participant in the program, you will gain a dedicated AdvancedONE case manager who organizes standing orders across all cases and applies the latest litigation technologies to help you achieve significant cost savings.

Global Coverage of Depositions

AdvancedONE delivers high-quality court reporting and deposition services around the globe, so no matter the jurisdictions in which your cases occur, AdvancedONE drives continuity and case savings for all.

Custom Billing & Reports

AdvancedONE billings can be integrated into corporate billing platforms for easy access to invoices, payments and statements. Our custom reports provide details of your legal spend and savings.

Online Depositions & Collaboration

AdvancedONE uses the latest secure technologies to enable corporate legal teams to observe live depositions from their offices and collaborate with the case team in real-time to accelerate progress and further reduce litigation costs.

Data Access & Security

Our Cloud Repository provides secure access to documents, exhibits and transcripts organized by case. We ensure that all data is encrypted and meets the criteria outlined by Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA.


Corporate Sustainability

AdvancedONE is committed to providing paperless transcripts and advanced Internet technology to help corporations meet their green initiatives.


ONE corporate partner program is all about people

AdvancedONE brings impeccable service and technical expertise to every legal proceeding, and when our approach is applied to your entire litigation portfolio, you will gain optimal value from every dollar spent. Let our team help your team optimize deliverables, results, and savings.


Dedicated case manager

AdvancedONE assigns a single contact to oversee all details and to serve as your liaison – saving both time and cost throughout the entire litigation process.


Team-wide roll out

To help you achieve maximum benefits, AdvancedONE leads a comprehensive on-boarding process with all stakeholders within your organization.

Our advanced approach increases value and savings

With over 40 years of experience working with corporate legal departments, AdvancedONE provides corporate, insurance, and nationwide law firm clients a customized plan that focuses on exceptional service and increased predictability.

We understand the demands of large and complex litigation and we have the staff, experience and resources to deliver an efficient and effective worldwide solution with immediate benefits.