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ONE firm sets the scene for sophisticated depositions

Deposition Suites

As part of our signature service, AdvancedONE arranges meeting rooms for depositions occurring around the globe. When your depositions are taken at one of our regional offices, you gain complimentary access to our sophisticated conference rooms and deposition suites – all of which are built and administered to the highest standards.

AdvancedONE Properties

Advanced Depositions

Our advanced facilities are equipped with best-in-class technologies for turnkey videography, real time synchronized transcription, and all the wireless bandwidth you require for streamed connectivity with your colleagues around the world. Onsite AdvancedONE staff and technicians uphold our impeccable standards for set-up, administrative services, technology management and even catering services to ensure you and your clients feel comfortable, productive, and professional.

And, guests of our premier facilities also enjoy well-appointed game rooms to recharge during particularly arduous deposition schedules.

International Facilities

Our team has vetted hundreds of meeting rooms around the globe to ensure every AdvancedONE deposition meets our service standards – even when they are conducted outside of our own facilities.

Before booking meeting rooms on your behalf, we evaluate each property for its location and proximity to transit and restaurants, furnishings, equipment, bandwidth, technology, HVAC, onsite staff, parking, and various other factors.

Deposition Suites