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ONE firm expertly handles evidentiary documents

Exhibits & Documents

When the stakes are high, there’s simply no margin for error, for compromised documents, or for misplaced exhibits. AdvancedONE provides professional evidentiary document services to ensure every file is exactly where you need it, when you need it.

Whether you need key documents to be imaged and introduced during remote depositions, or you need exhibit links embedded in the final transcript, your dedicated AdvancedONE case manager tracks every document and every task from start to finish. Our meticulous process ensures absolute confidentiality of the information and absolute quality of the deliverables.

Document Imaging & Scanning

Evidentiary Documents

AdvancedONE applies the latest technology in the legal field to help you gain greater control of the documents related to your depositions.

Exhibit Preparation & Sharing

AdvancedONE can serve as the custodian of exhibits before, during, and after depositions. Our team formats materials for compatibility with the technology that will be used during remote depositions and in-person depositions, and we can print, seal, and deliver hard copies to participants.

During remote depositions, our dedicated expert helps you master screen-sharing tools to maintain the element of surprise when introducing exhibits. Alternatively, our expert can administer the presentation of exhibits when they are called by the taking attorney.

As a companion service, our Picture-in-Picture Depositions capture, in real-time, the deponent’s interaction with the exhibits, leaving no doubt as to what the witness is describing.

Evidentiary Documents

Exhibit Links for an Interactive Record

Evidentiary Documents

A digital transcript can be hyperlinked to every exhibit of evidence referenced in the deposition. Simply click the link in the transcript and the exhibit appears on screen. This helpful service yields incredible time savings during litigation.

With your permission, AdvancedONE instructs our court reporter to take custody of the exhibits mentioned in the deposition, and to deliver them to our in-house team for scanning, cataloguing, and uploading to your secure Cloud Repository.

Document Depository

Some cases involve vast collections of documents that are auxiliary to the depositions. In these instances, AdvancedONE provides a secure and centralized Document Depository to store files and enable authorized case team members to retrieve supporting documentation 24/7.

Evidentiary Documents

AdvancedONE Cloud Repository

Cloud Repository

AdvancedONE offers clients a dedicated, centralized and neutral Cloud Repository from which to retrieve the transcripts, exhibit documents, video, translations, and related files from their depositions.