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ONE firm shows 'quality service' is not lost in translation

Interpretation & Translation

AdvancedONE delivers top-quality synchronous or asynchronous translators in any language.

Many of today’s legal actions involve not only complex technical or scientific terminology, but more than one language, with testimony delivered rapidly. AdvancedONE provides professional interpreters for depositions in which you require simultaneous or consecutive interpretation of the deponent’s testimony.

Training and testing are rigorous and only the best interpreters earn certification for criminal and civil proceedings in courts of law. AdvancedONE exclusively partners with this top-level talent for our roster of certified and experienced interpreters for synchronous or asynchronous translation. In both specialties, the art of translation requires the absolute best among interpreters—command of multiple languages, an ear for nuance, analytical and intuitive skills, and of course: excellence in capturing the transcript. 

Instant Access

The AdvancedONE Cloud Repository stores the translations of case documents alongside the final transcripts that are provided in multiple languages.