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ONE firm plays well with other legal technologies

Technology Partners

As the leader in advanced deposition services, AdvancedONE carefully evaluates complementary technologies to add value to our clients’ experiences.

Our in-house technologists have backgrounds working with the same eDiscovery, litigation support, and trial presentation tools used by our law firm clients, and they liaise with AdvancedONE case managers to ensure every deliverable is compatible with the software our clients use.

Not everyone makes
the AdvancedONE cut

Some service bureaus stick with “innovative” tools from 1999. AdvancedONE knows that while some classics never go out of style, technology often does. The older the vintage, the lesser its data security, user experience, and compatibility with evolving IT investments and protocols.

That’s why AdvancedONE continually evaluates the legal technology tools that seem to be standing the test of time and proactively seeks emerging technologies to share with our clients. And, of course, our teams are prepared to leverage the tools you request.

In all cases, our technologists can advise on which technologies may be best suited to your particular needs, and we always ensure our deliverables fit hand-in-glove.
Deposition Technology

eDiscovery Technology

Whether your firm has standardized on in-house e-discovery applications, deployed hosting services, or manually prepares document productions, AdvancedONE can help you organize and present the documents that have been promoted to exhibit status.

Deposition Technology

Deposition Technology

AdvancedONE maintains a stable of proven technologies, including LiveNote® and Zoom®, for streaming live audio and video, and real-time transcript text to deposition participants – no matter their physical locations. When applicable, our team can also assist with specialized applications for presenting exhibits on the taking-attorney’s tablet.

Deposition Technology

Litigation Support Technology

AdvancedONE understands not every firm operates the same way. AdvancedONE prepares final transcripts with hyperlinked exhibits that easily open to view in context. Our team works with your team to provide you with what you need and when you need it -- no matter how you manage testimony and content created during depositions. Fully optimized PDF transcripts with embedded exhibit and links, or complete video synchronized formats for importing into your case management platform. AdvancedONE can provide a format that fits your needs. Our team works diligently to ensure the deliverables from every AdvancedONE deposition are easily imported into your chosen transcript management software.