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ONE firm helps you log in when you can't walk in

Remote Attendance

Sometimes limited budgets, busy schedules, health concerns, and travel restrictions prevent you or others from attending an important deposition in-person. For those instances, AdvancedONE provides a collection of services enabling individuals to attend live proceedings without being in the same room.

Connect to offsite depositions and receive live transcripts, streaming video, team chat, and more
There are numerous scenarios in which one or more people may need to “log in rather than walk in,” and in every case, AdvancedONE handles all the technical requirements, connections, and credentials.


Attorneys back at the firm log in to view and mark up real-time transcript text on their screens in preparation for tomorrow’s depositions.


The broader case team logs in from the war room to watch live streaming video of the witness and to share insights with lead attorneys via our secure chat.


A taking attorney appoints an offsite paralegal to handle the presentation of digital exhibits during live, remote depositions.


Co-counsel or subject matter experts use our Audio Conferencing to observe depositions and strategize with counsel afterwards.


An expert witness is unable to travel so they are connected to the deposition via our Video Conferencing and deposed remotely.


Every participant is in a separate location and logged in to the ultimate remote deposition via our modern AdvancedONE Depo Distancing™ service.

All AdvancedONE Remote Attendance services can be mixed-and-matched in any combination to yield the precise level of connectivity, access, and participation required. Every connection is HIPAA- and PII-secure, to meet your requirements for the most sensitive confidentiality standards.

While AdvancedONE’s signature service includes assistance from a dedicated case manager or Remote Depo Expert, we also ensure our court reporters, videographers, and clients have all the information they need to properly conduct depositions in which one or more people are attending remotely. Browse our Resources section for a sampling of our training videos and user guides.

Deposition Deliverables

High-Quality Deposition Deliverables

Your private Cloud Repository provides 24/7 access to your deposition deliverables, plus tools for scheduling future depositions, paying invoices, and more. After every deposition, AdvancedONE updates your private Cloud Repository with the deliverables you have ordered, such as: